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what do you know (1977)

Richard Nonas


Ti­tle released on the  com­pi­la­ti­on: Air­wa­ves (2/​2)
Ti­tle: Richard Nonas: what do you know (Track 10)
Publisher: One Ten Re­cor­ds, New York
Da­te: 1977
Me­di­um: 2 re­cord 30 cm


The US American land art artist Richard Nonas, who is particularly known for his sculptural works, published the work what do you know on the compilation Airwaves, which could refer back to his self-taught approach to art. The rapid interplay of question and answer, which always ends in an "I don't know" and concludes with a "where are you going - home", suggests, in its brief insistence, an emotional rather than a cognitive attitude on the part of the speaker. The conversational narrowness of the statements corresponds with the spatial narrowness of the arrangement of the individual parts in Nonas' sculptures.