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The French/us-American artist Arman (Armand Pierre Fernandez, 1928 - 2005) was a painter, sculptor and object artist. He is considered one of the driving forces of Nouveau Réalisme, to which Raymond Hains also belonged. The group of Nouveau Réalistes strove for a new orientation in the perception of the surrounding reality. Since the 1960s he lived in New York City and worked with the means of destruction and altered reconstruction. He created objects from everyday objects, working with the contents of garbage cans and wastebaskets and the accumulation of identical objects. He was in close contact with Andy Warhol and was involved in his film project Dinner at Daley's in 1964.

Arman's artist name resulted from a misspelling on an invitation card to his exhibition at the Iris Clert Gallery, which omitted the final d of his first name. He studied at the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Nice and at the École du Louvre in Paris and showed an early interest in Far Eastern spirituality and astrology.

Arman created large-scale installations, caused a public stir with provocative actions such as completely filling up the rooms of the Iris Clert gallery with garbage and garbage as a response to the minimalism of his artist friend Yves Klein. In happenings he destroyed status symbols of the us middle class or preserved objects by pouring them into Plexiglas or concrete. He also created large-scale sculptures for public spaces and was active in many other approaches to the visual arts.


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