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Jean - François Bory

Jean-François Bory (*1938) is an important French representative of visual poetry and sound poetry. He initially created diverse artists' books, in which he paid attention to rigorous and precise graphics, implementing a compositionally accurate layout, mostly in black and white, thus establishing links with visual poetry and typewriter art early in his artistic career. He worked closely with experimental publishers in France, Italy, and the United States, but also self-published books.

Together with Julien Blaine, he published Approches magazine, which focused on concrete and visual poetry in four issues between 1965 and 1969, publishing both well-known and unknown international artists. He brought out other publications such as Agentzia (together with Jochen Gerz) and Once Again, and participated in the Italian-French magazine L'Humiditè. In 1974 he became part of the international group of artists of visual poetry Logomotives, to which Paul de Vree also belonged. Besides his artistic activity, he works as a literary critic, author and scriptwriter, he lives and in Paris.


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