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Frieder Butzmann

"Born in 1954 in Constance on Lake Constance.
Collects sounds musics sounds impressions.
But he usually doesn't know whether to turn them into pieces of music, film scores, lectures, radio plays or entire operas.
He tirelessly spreads, shortens, transposes analog and digital sound recordings beyond recognition.
He presents himself to an astonished audience whenever they like."

With these sentences, German artist Frieder Butzmann introduces himself on the home page of his website He experimented with music since the late 1960s and studied communication and music sciences as well as psychology in the 1970s. He became involved with electronic sound generators early on and is one of the pioneers of German industrial music. For recordings and performances, he entered into numerous collaborations with artists such as Alexander Hacke, Burkhardt Seilers, Wolfgang Müller and Thomas Kapielski, and created musical and film works as well as radio radio plays and plays. He always had his finger on the pulse of new technical developments and used new media and the computer to realize his projects.

His humorous, even ironic approach to music and performance culminated in the 1997 Festival Komische Musik and his acoustic manifesto of comic music. He has taught at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Berlin University of the Arts in the field of new media and multimedia and has published numerous theoretical texts on music, sound art and niche phenomena in the acoustic arts.


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