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Albrecht d.

Albrecht d. (*1944, bürgl. Dietrich Albrecht) is a German artist known from the context of Fluxus. He worked in mail art, happenings and performance, as a musician and publisher, designed stamps and postcards, among other things. He lived mostly in Stuttgart, where he trained as a bank clerk, began working artistically immediately after his training, and was employed as an art teacher between 1968 and 2007.

As a publisher, Albrecht issued multiples, editions, and artists' publications, first under the name flug/fluxBlattzeitung, then as reflection press, and finally under the name Kinky Beaux Arts. He was close to the Fluxus movement around George Maciunas, published their artistic products and cooperated with artists such as Wolf Vostell, Ben Vautier, Milan Knížák and Dietrich Fricker.

A democratic idea underlay his artistic work: the low-threshold accessibility of his art was close to his heart, outside of art contexts, museums, galleries and theaters. He manifested this in particular by reproducing his works as postcards, prints, and ephemera; he gave workshops on the artistic use of copying techniques; and he mailed his works to artist friends and acquaintances.


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