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Danny Devos

Danny Devos (*1959), also known under the pseudonym DDV, is a Belgian artist and performer. In his work he addresses physicality, criminal machinations and violence, for which he has been in contact with serial killers and other criminals. He has performed internationally, had numerous exhibitions worldwide, written for magazines and journals, and is active as a blogger and in social media.

Together with the Belgian artist Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, he founded the noise band Club Moral, with which he performed and conceived controversial gigs, especially in the art and artist scene. After its temporary end in 2005, the band continues to perform to this day. Furthermore, Devos was involved in the noise band Bum Collar.

He was chairman of the Belgian artists' association NICC and manager of the Art Farm project in Beijing for his artist friend Wim Delvoje.



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