About Redfoxpress and his founder Francis Van Maele:

  •  Born 1947 in Belgium between Bruges and Ghent
  • The first pictures he made in 1958 with a Kodak Brownie were already a subject for an artist book.
  • Lost 10 years working as an textile engeneer in an american company in Luxembourg from 1970 to 1980
  • 1977 started learning silk screen printing in the Art Academy of Trier in Germany
  • First attempts of making books with photographs and silk screen prints from 1977 to 1980 (luckily not vailable anymore).
  • 1980 he founded Editions Phi in Luxembourg. The initial intension was to publish his own works.
  • Editions Phi gradually became a leading publisher in Luxembourg for poetry, theater plays, litterature, essays and art.
  • In 2001 Francis sold Editions Phi to the Luxembourger Newspaper "Tagablatt"
  • Only a very few of the limited hand printed Editions of that time (1980-2001) are still available.
  • In 2001 a retrospective exhibition was organised by the "Centre National de Litterature" in Luxembourg
  • A beautifull catalogue was published and is still available and can be ordered by e-mail.
  • In 2000 Francis founded Redfoxpress and moved in 2002 to Ireland, hoping this time to concentrate fully on artist's books
  • In 2005 Francis moved to his present location in Achill Island on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  • In 2005 he met Antic-Ham from Korea at the Seoul book fair
  • Having same taste in life and work, they produce together books under the name of Franticham
  • In 2007 they launched a new collection "C'est mon dada" with small artist's books from visual poets from around the world
  • In 2009 they started a new collection of "Fluxus Assembling Boxes"
  • In 2011 they start collecting Polaroid cameras and make books with Polaroid photographs. They launch also a new website "www.polamad.com"
  • They travel around the world showing their books at Art Book Fairs (London, Mainz, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seoul...),br.

Contact: Francis Van Maele
Location: Dugort
Achill Island
County Mayo

Collection: www.redfoxpress.com/collection-books.html