Cataloguing Rules for Indexing Artists’ Publications
Supervised by the Centre for Artists’ Publications
Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art

The manual is published in English and German and provides instructions on indexing artworks published or appearing in editions, as well as artists’ publication archives and estates.

The manual is one focus of the project “Living Memory – Artists’ Publications in Europe. A Network for Indexing, Presentation and Communication“ funded by the European Commission.

Countless international museums, archives, libraries, and other cultural institutions are in possession of artists’ publications in their inventories. Yet these are often difficult to recognize and record as such due to their interdisciplinary diversity, which can lead to uncertainty on the part of the persons responsible for registering the works as well as to problems in the cataloging process. The system of rules or “manual” set forth here has been conceived to provide support in the understanding and cataloguing of artists’ publications.

Manual for Artists’ Publications (MAP)
© Photo: Bettina Brach

Manual für Künstlerpublikationen (MAP)
Manual for Artists’ Publications (MAP)

Aufnahmeregeln, Definitionen und Beschreibungen
Cataloging Rules, Definitions, and Descriptions
Erste Ausgabe / First Edition 2010 / 35,- Euro
ISBN 978-3-928761-81-9
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This manual has been developed within the frame of the project Living Memory – Artists’ Publications in Europe, funded by the European Commission, in cooperation with the Centre nationale de l’édition et l’art imprimé (Cneai) in Chatou and the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) in Ljubljana.

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