Barbara Wien, Wilma Lukatsch

gallery, press and bookshop for art books

Wiens Press
In the publishing house, Barbara Wien founded in 1988, many books, portfolios, films, audio-cassettes etc. were publiehd with the artists represented by the gallery. The publications are designed by the artists. Next to this Barbara Wien edited two books: Arthur Köpcke "begreifen erleben - Collected writings" (1994, London, Köln, Berlin), Dieter Roth "Collected Interviews" (2002 London, Edition Hansjörg Mayer) and (together with Wilma Lukatsch) Tomas Schmit "Dreizehn Montagsgespräche" (2007, Wiens Verlag, Berlin) and Jimmie Durham "Poems That Do Not Go Together" (2012, Wiens Verlag and Edition Hansjörg Mayer). The facsimile print of Nanne Meyers artist book "Die Kunst lebt / Art lives" (1980) was the first publication in Wiens Press. It was published at the 10th of May 1988, the day of the opening of the bookshop. More than 30 publications appeared in Wiens Press since 1988. In the bookshop we offer artists' books since the 60s, selected catalogues and texts by artists. We also have rare Fluxus and Concept Art books and original publications.

Barbara Wien Wilma Lukatsch – gallery, press and bookshop for art books
Schöneberger Ufer 65, 3rd floor
10785 Berlin

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Tuesday - Friday 1.00pm-6.00pm, Saturday 12.00pm – 6.00pm