The documentary remainsliterary estates of Heinrich Mann and Georg Kaiser formed the basis of the literary and artistic archives of the Academy of Arts, being acquired in 1952 on the East Berlin side and in 1956 by the West. With some 280 holdings relating to individual people, the Literary Archive now provides one of the largest funds of information on German literature from the latter days of the Empire until the present day. The manuscripts, letters and documents of everyday life preserved here– − produced by writers, journalists, theoreticianstheorists, critics and arts administrators– − offer a rich source of material for research into literature and cultural history. These holdings are supplemented by files of writers’ associations, institutions and publishing houses.

• Members and prize-winners of the Academy of Arts
• Writers in exile
• West German literature / Group 47
• GDR literature
• Berlin authors
• Literature at the end of the German Empire
• Literature of the Weimar Republic
• Contemporary literature

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