ART BASE (books + research) is specialized in antiquarian publications of the Avant Gardes of the 20th Century. Focusing on the 60s and 70s up to today's tendencies.

ART BASE (books + research) Expert service: Researching any Art Book, also very difficult to find publications. Including rare ephemera e.g. Invitations, Announcements, Flyers, Manifestos, Posters, Prints and Multiples, as well as artists' selfpublished Documents.

ART BASE (books + research) has successfully investigated for private clients, museums and institutions worldwide.

ART BASE (books + research) will investigate the items from your desiderata / wantlists of publications which you would like to acquire for your collection and you will receive quotes in return. Of course there is no purchase obligation at all.

ART BASE (books + research) covers a wide range: Dada, Surrealism, Situationists, Abstractionism, Art Brut, Outsiders, Neoism, Mail Art, Concept Art, Minimal Art, Land Art, Pop Art, Arte Povera, Happening + Fluxus,Vienna Actionism, Artists' Books, Photography etc.

Contact: Peter Below

Gabelsbergerstrasse 15
97318 Kitzingen
Phone +49 (0)9321 268855

ART BASE (books + research) several times a year sends out lists via email of newly acquired material to interested persons. If you would like to receive these lists please inform us by e-mail to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] Attn. of Peter Below.