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Brooklyn Artists Alliance

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Founded in 1999, Booklyn is an artist-run, non-profit 501 (c) (3), consensus-governed, artist and bookmakers organization headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Mission Statement
Booklyn’s mission is to promote artists’ books as art and research material and to assist artists and organizations in documenting, exhibiting, and distributing their artworks and archives.

Booklyn helps artists document, exhibit, and distribute their artwork and provides the general public and educational institutions with services and programs involving contemporary artists’ publications and works on paper. Booklyn assists artists in inventorying and cataloging their archives and collections and finds institutions to acquire, conserve, and provide access to these resources.

Booklyn has created a global network connecting hundreds of artists and educational organizations. Through that network, Booklyn has distributed thousands of books and artworks used by an audience reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

Booklyn produces and curates exhibitions in our own gallery as well as at museums, libraries, universities, and other public sites. The Booklyn Art Gallery is a venue for emerging curators. Exhibitions feature artists who include publishing as part of their creative practice. Booklyn also collaborates with major exhibiting institutions to produce and curate exhibitions of artists’ books and related media.

Booklyn’s curatorial practice concentrates on representing work by living artists. Booklyn provides support for artwork that deals with provocative subject matter including environmental, historical, linguistic and political issues. Booklyn also provides opportunities and services for artists who have limited means of distributing or producing their artwork. Booklyn presents alternative voices in a context often reserved for more established artists.

Booklyn is actively identifying and conserving cultural resources that would otherwise be lost. Our archive management program draws on Booklyn’s unique relationship with artists working outside the commercial art world in order to develop curriculum-ready material that contextualizes diverse artistic processes within art and social movements.

With the goal of creating fair, sustainable and self-sufficient cultural economies, Booklyn designs creative and effective fundraising publications for arts and activist organizations, connecting like-minded individuals and groups to our growing global support network.

Location: 37 Greenpoint Avenue
4th Floor
Suite E4G
NY 11222